Boxing eras (#4) Golden Age of Heavyweight -OR- Is the Klitschko era the first heavyweight era in history?

LET US COMPARE ERAS. Not facts and stats of single fights or careers of boxers but whole eras.

As I wrote at Definitions "era" is the lot consisting of the 1) boxer 2) his opponents and 3) their opponents.


Please note: This article is part of my multi-part heavyweight boxing eras comparison:

In other words: Ali's era consists of

  • Ali's fights (61 fights)
  • and his opponents' fights (another 2500+ fights)

In other words: Ali's era consists of

  • Ali
  • his opponents (50 different boxers)
  • his opponents' opponents (another 1330 different boxers)

In other words: Would you check these 2600+ fights then in each one of these fights would be either Ali himself or one of Ali's opponents (e.g. Joe Frazier, Archie Moore etc).

This is what I call an "era".

An era in my definition IS NOT "the time when the boxer boxed" (e.g. the 1970ies) because that would include boxers whom neither Ali faced nor Ali's opponents faced. Thus it's not necessary to consider them.


How many KOs were scored in Ali's times?

OK, so here are the era stats at a glance: The table below includes ALL fights whether heavyweight, CakaH-weight, cruiserweight or below.

EraTotal fightsTotal boxersAverage weightHow many boxers ever boxed as cruisers?Total KOsEra KO'ratioTotal KO'ersTotal KO'ers with at least 3 KOs
Joe Louis' era4100+ fights1800+ boxers189 lbs84% (1500+)1800+ KOs44%230 KO'ers65 KO'ers
Mack/Marciano's era2000+ fights1100+ boxers185 lbs90% (1000+)1000+ KOs51%171 KO'ers40 KO'ers
Clay/Ali's era2600+ fights1300+ boxers199 lbs78% (1000+)1500+ KOs59%162 KO'ers55 KO'ers
Larry Holmes' era2700+ fights1400+ boxers215 lbs58% (800+)1500+ KOs58%282 KO'ers87 KO'ers
Mike Tyson's era2100+ fights1100+ boxers220 lbs52% (500+)1400 KOs65%248 KO'ers64 KO'ers
Lennox Lewis era1800+ fights1000+ boxers220 lbs51 % (500+)1200+ KOs65%186 KO'ers51 KO'ers
Wladimir Klitschko's era2000+ fights1200+ boxers224 lbs49% (500+)1200+ KOs62%224 KO'ers66 KO'ers

Fistic Statistic [#1609.1]

Total fights = Ali vs Opponents + Opponents vs their opponents.
Totals do not include doubles but merely consists of unique fights, unique boxers, unique KOs and unique KO'ers.
Wladimir Klitschko's era is not concluded yet, thus the numbers will increase


You can see here that people are illegitimately comparing Clay/Ali's era to the Klitschko era: Ali's era was a cruiser era, while our era is a superheavyweight era with the average fighter being 224 lbs.

Rocky Marciano's era (average fighting weight 185 lbs) is not even a cruiserweight era (let alone a heavyweight era): It's rather a blown-up light-heavyweight era with a blown-up light-heavyweight (Mack aka Marciano) being the one-eyed amongst the blind. A terrible time for heavyweight boxing directly after the world war II, with many potential boxers tied up by the military.

One could even claim that the Klitschko era is the _FIRST_ real[?] heavyweight era because both the average weight is 200+ lbs AND most of the fighters are genuine heavyweights 200+ and NOT former cruisers. All previous eras had their roots in cruiserweight and below.

You could call Wladimir Klitschko the first champ of the first legitimate heavyweight era.

Somebody wrote "The heavyweight division isn't in trouble because of a lack of talent it is in trouble because it is currently in a stage of transition to a higher level, thats all" and although one can disagree with "being in trouble" one should agree with "transition" since exactly this transition is visible when you analyze the numbers.

An interesting number is the "Era KO'ratio" (= KOs/fights). You see a slight drop from Tyson's era (65%) to Klitschko's era (62%) while the average fight weight increased from 220 lbs to 224 lbs. This hints at the weight being of a greater importance for the "KO resistance" than for the "KO power". In other words: Being heavy PROTECTS YOU. In other words: KO'ing a FAT 260-pounder may be a bigger achievement than KO'ing a 220 athletic guy.


Of J.Lo and Lele

Joe Louis' wins against his opponents (EVEN IF THE OPPONENTS THEMSELVES weighed 200+ at fight night) are far less "heavyweighty" than nowadays fights, because Joe's opponents had records which consisted of far lighter opponents than nowadays. Thus a 26-0 opponent (Lou Nova) of Joe Louis is far less worth (in heavyweight terms) than a 26-0 opponent of Lennox Lewis (Donovan Ruddock), because Ruddock had the experience of 18 real[?] heavyweight bouts while Duva had only 5.

Here is a comparison of Joe Louis' opponents and Lennox Lewis':

Joe Louis' last 20 win opponentsThe opponents' 200×2 record at boutLennox Lewis' last 20 win opponentsThe opponents' 200×2 record at bout
Jimmy Bivins0-0Vitali Klitschko32-1
Cesar Brion0-0Mike Tyson44-3
Lee Savold2-0Hasim Rahman32-2
Omelio Agramonte0-0David Tua33-1
Andy Walker0-0Francois Botha30-2
Omelio Agramonte0-0Michael Grant31-0
Freddie Beshore0-0Evander Holyfield18-3
Cesar Brion0-0Zeljko Mavrovic26-0
Jersey Joe Walcott0-0Shannon Briggs28-1
Jersey Joe Walcott0-0Andrew Golota26-2
Tami Mauriello5-0Henry Akinwande30-0
Billy Conn0-0Oliver McCall26-6
Johnny Davis0-0Ray Mercer21-3
Abe Simon24-5Tommy Morrison40-2
Buddy Baer38-4Justin Fortune9-2
Lou Nova4-1Lionel Butler21-10
Billy Conn0-0Phil Jackson12-1
Buddy Baer38-4Frank Bruno31-3
Tony Musto1-0Tony Tucker44-1
Abe Simon23-4Donovan Ruddock18-3

Fistic Statistic [#1609.2]

As you can see nearly all of the last 20 opponents of Joe Louis are heavyweight nobodies. They would play hardly any role nowadays at heavyweight.

You might think that displaying the opponents with only their 200×2 records is too degrading BUT THAT'S ONLY BECAUSE YOU CONSIDER JOE LOUIS A HEAVYWEIGHT and his opponents HEAVYWEIGHT OPPONENTS. As soon as you start to accept the fact that Joe Louis was a small cruiserweight (median[?] fight weight 200 lbs) fighting against even smaller cruisers (median weight 193 lbs) then everything falls into place.

Only if you present Louis as a cruiser beating mainly cruisers (and sub-cruisers) you can display the full records of his opponents, but if you choose to display full record you MUST NOT COMPARE HIS OPPONENTS TO MODERN HEAVYWEIGHTS.

Let me clarify: Joe Louis as a boxer may be far greater than Lennox Lewis, but Joe Louis as a heavyweight 200+ plays in a lower league than Lennox Lewis.

In his whole career Joe Louis faced only 2 (TWO!) non-bummy[?] natural heavies (Abe Simon and Buddy Baer).

In all other fights…

  • Louis himself was a cruiser
  • or his opponents were cruisers
  • or his opponents were former cruisers
  • or his opponents were former sub-cruisers (e.g. Billy Conn, who started at 135 lbs)
  • or even all things together (e.g. Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling 198 lbs vs 192 lbs)

You have to know such facts when you compare the era of Joe Louis to the era of Lennox Lewis.

The only similarity between Louis and Lewis is the term "heavy"-weight, which I already discussed at Boxing eras (#1) The best heavyweight era of all time -OR- Is Roy Jones Jr. a better cruiser than Rocky Marciano?

Thus if you choose to mention Louis and Lewis in 1 sentence then you should

  • either list only Louis' real[?] heavyweight fights (Joe Louis has a real heavyweight record of 11-0)
  • or you should list his opponents' records, but without sub-200 fights (see table above)
  • or you should use a multiplier based on the weights of Louis' opponents (Louis' opponents = 84% of the weight of Lennox' opponents)
  • or you should mention a multiplier based on the average weight of Louis' era (Louis' era = 85% of Lennox era)
  • or you should use a combination of the above

The most correct way would be probably to list Louis' opponents with only their 200+ records. Because a multiplier is misleading since having 20x paperweight bouts doesn't equal 1x heavyweight bout, otherwise a cruiser would be automatically ranked on heavyweight toplists. Thus I prefer to display opponents with only their heavyweight records, because that's how cruiserweight stays cruiserweight and heavyweight stays heavyweight.

A short glance at the champions reveals how the record changes once you start to compare OBJECTIVE weight divisions:

NameWinLoss RecordWinLoss Record (uniques)WinLoss Record (200×2)WinLoss Record (200×2, uniques)WinLoss Record (215×2)WinLoss Record (215×2, uniques)WinLoss Record (215×2, uniques, non-bums)WinLoss Record (215×2, uniques, non-bums, never cruisers)
·Wladimir Klitschko55-351-355-351-347-344-324-219-2
·Lennox Lewis41-241-239-239-234-234-220-213-2
·Muhammad Ali56-548-528-423-410-19-18-15-0
·Mike Tyson50-648-545-643-533-631-517-59-4
·Rocky Marciano49-044-00-00-00-00-00-00-0
·Joe Louis66-356-311-09-00-00-00-00-0
·Larry Holmes69-666-560-557-521-320-35-34-3

Fistic Statistic [#1609.3]


Three important remarks before we continue…

1) Some world champions have never won in a world champion fight but got appointed world champion for other reasons (e.g. Ken Norton).

2) Please note that the numbers of modern boxers (Lennox, Wladimir etc) are TEMPORARY because they will increase since they are still boxing and their opponents are still boxing.

3) Additionally all the above figures include sub-heavyweight fights, in other words the above tables are read like this…

  • Joe Louis fought 70 fights
  • These 70 fights comprised 59 opponents
  • These 59 opponents and Joe Louis had 4100+ fights all together
  • Of these 4100+ fights 400+ fights were real heavyweight 200×2

..but should actually feature the following figures (if we wanted to make a completely fair comparison to modern boxers):

  • Joe Louis fought 70 fights
  • Of these 70 fights 12 were real heavyweight 200×2
  • These 12 comprised 10 unique boxers
  • These 10 boxers and Joe Louis fought 200+ fights 200×2

I feature this type of statistic at Graphics (the golden images), so you might have a look there.


How many real heavyweight fights (200×2) happened in previous eras?

OK, now let's compare the eras by just comparing the real heavyweight fights 200×2

EraTotal fights (200×2)Total boxers (200×2)Total KOs (200×2)Total KO'ers (200×2)Total KO'ers with at least 3 KOs (200×2)
Joe Louis' era400+ fights200+ boxers200+ KOs49 KO'ers16 KO'ers
Mack/Marciano's era100+ fights80+ boxers50+ KOs21 KO'ers5 KO'ers
Clay/Ali's era900+ fights500+ boxers500+ KOs69 KO'ers32 KO'ers
Larry Holmes era1700+ fights900+ boxers1000+ KOs200 KO'ers63 KO'ers
Mike Tyson's era1700+ fights800+ boxers1100+ KOs200 KO'ers57 KO'ers
Lennox Lewis era1400+ fights700+ boxers900+ KOs151 KO'ers48 KO'ers
Wladimir Klitschko's era1600+ fights900+ boxers1000+ KOs189 KO'ers62 KO'ers

Fistic Statistic [#1609.4]


As you can see, Klitschko has won against opponents who were much heavier than let's say Ali's opponents, and who had a much heavier backgrounds than Ali's opponents, and who had a much punchier background (twice as many KOs!) than Ali's opponents.

In other words: This era is way heavier than Ali's and is far more dangerous.


Weight in title fights

Here is an overview of the weight in heavyweight world title fights. This is how much weight the audience got for their money (the real meaning of "pound for pound", hahaha):

NameDecadesAverage combined weight in title fightsMedian combined weight in title fightsMax combined weight in a title fight
·Vitali Klitschko1990s,2000s,2010s
486.5 lbs
480 lbs
520 lbs (Danny Williams)
·Wladimir Klitschko2000s,2010s
475.3 lbs
471 lbs
506 lbs (Derrick Jefferson)
·Lennox Lewis1990s,2000s
477.7 lbs
480.5 lbs
504 lbs (Vitali Klitschko)
·Muhammad Ali1960s,1970s,1980s
426.2 lbs
428 lbs
454 lbs (Joe Bugner)
·Mike Tyson1980s,1990s,2000s
446.3 lbs
443 lbs
483 lbs (Lennox Lewis)
·George Foreman1970s,1990s
451.8 lbs
450.5 lbs
482 lbs (Tommy Morrison)
·Rocky Marciano1950s
378.7 lbs
379 lbs
394 lbs (Don Cockell)
·Joe Louis1930s,1940s,1950s
405.2 lbs
401 lbs
462 lbs (Abe Simon)
·James J Jeffries1890s,1900s,1910s
404.3 lbs
405 lbs
435 lbs (Jack Johnson)
·Joe Frazier1970s
419.9 lbs
420 lbs
439 lbs (Muhammad Ali)
·Nikolay Valuev2000s
552.9 lbs
553 lbs
590 lbs (Jameel McCline)
·Evander Holyfield1990s,2000s
448.6 lbs
444 lbs
524 lbs (Nikolay Valuev)
·Larry Holmes1970s,1980s,1990s
436.9 lbs
431 lbs
495 lbs (Brian Nielsen)
·Sonny Liston1960s
415 lbs
415 lbs
428 lbs (Muhammad Ali)
·Floyd Patterson1950s,1960s
388.5 lbs
386 lbs
409 lbs (Sonny Liston)
·Oliver McCall1990s
476.3 lbs
475 lbs
488 lbs (Lennox Lewis)
·Chris Byrd2000s
449.6 lbs
449 lbs
484 lbs (Jameel McCline)
·Gerrie Coetzee1970s,1980s
446 lbs
445 lbs
462 lbs (John Tate)
·Max Baer1930s
438 lbs
438 lbs
472 lbs (Primo Carnera)
·Earnie Shavers1970s
428.5 lbs
428.5 lbs
436 lbs (Muhammad Ali)
·Max Schmeling1930s
386 lbs
388 lbs
393 lbs (Jack Sharkey)
·Jimmy Ellis1960s,1970s
395 lbs
392 lbs
407 lbs (Joe Frazier)
·Jersey Joe Walcott1940s,1950s
386.5 lbs
380.5 lbs
407 lbs (Joe Louis)
·Jack Johnson1900s,1910s
409 lbs
413 lbs
463 lbs (Jess Willard)
·Ezzard Charles1940s,1950s
374.8 lbs
376 lbs
402 lbs (Joe Louis)
·Jack Dempsey1910s,1920s
382.1 lbs
379 lbs
432 lbs (Jess Willard)
·Gene Tunney1920s
385 lbs
381 lbs
395 lbs (Tom Heeney)
·Bob Fitzsimmons1890s,1900s
363 lbs
355 lbs
391 lbs (James J Jeffries)
·Tommy Burns1900s
357 lbs
360 lbs
381 lbs (Gunner Moir)
·Marvin Hart1900s
365.5 lbs
365.5 lbs
370 lbs (Tommy Burns)
·John L. Sullivan1890s
390 lbs
390 lbs
390 lbs (James J Corbett)
·Jim Braddock1930s
399 lbs
399 lbs
404 lbs (Max Baer)

Fistic Statistic [#1609.5]


Steelhammers vs Butterflies

In fact Ali himself (the champ of his era) posed extremely little threat for others because Ali is one of the most featherfisted champs of all time ("like a butterfly") or maybe even THE most featherfisted of all time.

Here are ALL world champions (pre-NBA, NBA, WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO) from 1885 until now (2010). There have been 78 heavyweight world champions to date. You will have difficulties finding a punch-weaker heavyweight than Ali.

#NameMiddle of careerRecordMedian opponent weightIs median opponent a real heavyweight (200+ lbs)How many real heavyweight fights (200×2)KO'ratio (200×2)KO'ratio (uniques, 200×2)
01 ·Bob Fitzsimmons189971-8170 lbs0-- (0of0)
02 ·Brian Nielsen199764-2225 lbsy6666%66.1% (43of65)
03 ·Bruce Seldon199940-8226 lbsy4875%73.9% (34of46)
04 ·Chris Byrd200141-5225 lbsy4146%47.5% (19of40)
05 ·Corrie Sanders199842-4221 lbsy4067%67.5% (27of40)
06 ·Danell Nicholson199842-5230 lbsy4465%65.9% (29of44)
07 ·David Haye200625-1198 lbs988%88.8% (8of9)
08 ·Ernie Terrell196546-9201 lbsy1414%14.2% (2of14)
09 ·Evander Holyfield199743-10219 lbsy3740%48.2% (14of29)
10 ·Ezzard Charles194993-25182 lbs1-- (1of1)
11 ·Floyd Patterson196255-8187 lbs0-- (0of0)
12 ·Francesco Damiani198930-2213 lbsy2770%70.3% (19of27)
13 ·Frank Bruno198940-5215 lbsy4082%84.6% (33of39)
14 ·Gene Tunney192281-1174 lbs0-- (0of0)
15 ·George Foreman198376-5214 lbsy6482%82.5% (52of63)
16 ·Gerrie Coetzee198633-6211 lbsy2447%47.8% (11of23)
17 ·Greg Page199058-17223 lbsy7463%65.2% (45of69)
18 ·Hasim Rahman200249-7236 lbsy5670%73.5% (39of53)
19 ·Henry Akinwande199950-4224 lbsy5356%55.7% (29of52)
20 ·Herbie Hide200049-4212 lbsy3381%83.8% (26of31)
21 ·Ingemar Johansson195826-2197 lbs560%60.0% (3of5)
22 ·Jack Dempsey192165-6191 lbs1-- (1of1)
23 ·Jack Johnson191568-12192 lbs1533%33.3% (5of15)
24 ·Jack Sharkey193038-14193 lbs3-- (0of2)
25 ·James Buster Douglas199038-6221 lbsy3952%48.6% (18of37)
26 ·James J Corbett189514-4170 lbs0-- (0of0)
27 ·James J Jeffries190319-1185 lbs450%- (2of3)
28 ·James Smith199044-17226 lbsy5850%55.7% (29of52)
29 ·Jersey Joe Walcott194251-18187 lbs1-- (0of1)
30 ·Jess Willard191726-7200 lbsy2152%47.3% (9of19)
31 ·Jim Braddock193251-26178 lbs0-- (0of0)
32 ·Jimmy Ellis196840-12188 lbs650%60.0% (3of5)
33 ·Jimmy Thunder199635-14223 lbsy4758%57.7% (26of45)
34 ·Joe Frazier197332-4201 lbsy1844%53.8% (7of13)
35 ·Joe Louis194366-3193 lbs1180%88.8% (8of9)
36 ·John L. Sullivan188538-1200 lbsy9100%88.8% (8of9)
37 ·John Ruiz200144-9222 lbsy3660%63.6% (21of33)
38 ·John Tate198234-3212 lbsy3158%60.0% (18of30)
39 ·Ken Norton197442-7209 lbsy3764%70.5% (24of34)
40 ·Lamon Brewster200335-6233 lbsy4072%74.3% (29of39)
41 ·Larry Holmes198769-6212 lbsy6558%58.0% (36of62)
42 ·Lennox Lewis199641-2228 lbsy4275%79.4% (31of39)
43 ·Leon Spinks198626-17211 lbsy3027%26.6% (8of30)
44 ·Lionel Butler199932-17226 lbsy4952%53.1% (25of47)
45 ·Marvin Hart190531-9173 lbs3-- (0of3)
46 ·Max Baer193568-13196 lbs2864%69.2% (18of26)
47 ·Max Schmeling193656-10185 lbs0-- (0of0)
48 ·Michael Bentt199111-2219 lbsy1241%45.4% (5of11)
49 ·Michael Dokes198753-6214 lbsy5357%60.0% (30of50)
50 ·Michael Moorer199852-4212 lbsy3551%52.9% (18of34)
51 ·Michael Spinks198231-1174 lbs450%50.0% (2of4)
52 ·Mike Tyson199550-6218 lbsy5178%79.1% (38of48)
53 ·Mike Weaver198641-18218 lbsy4646%50.0% (20of40)
54 ·Muhammad Ali197156-5205 lbsy3234%40.0% (10of25)
55 ·Nikolay Valuev200150-2236 lbsy5065%64.5% (31of48)
56 ·Oleg Maskaev200136-7232 lbsy4362%62.5% (25of40)
57 ·Oliver McCall199855-10228 lbsy6457%58.0% (36of62)
58 ·Pinklon Thomas198543-7216 lbsy4360%62.5% (25of40)
59 ·Primo Carnera193789-14205 lbsy7278%81.5% (53of65)
60 ·Ray Mercer199836-7227 lbsy4257%58.5% (24of41)
61 ·Riddick Bowe199943-1225 lbsy4380%84.2% (32of38)
62 ·Rocky Marciano195149-0190 lbs0-- (0of0)
63 ·Roy Jones Jr199954-7168 lbs0-- (0of0)
64 ·Ruslan Chagaev200427-1238 lbsy2859%61.5% (16of26)
65 ·Samuel Peter200534-4233 lbsy3871%75.0% (27of36)
66 ·Shannon Briggs200151-6229 lbsy5676%76.3% (42of55)
67 ·Siarhei Liakhovich200425-3231 lbsy2755%53.8% (14of26)
68 ·Sonny Liston196250-4199 lbs2680%83.3% (20of24)
69 ·Sultan Ibragimov200522-1234 lbsy2473%70.8% (17of24)
70 ·Tim Witherspoon199155-13228 lbsy6552%53.2% (33of62)
71 ·Tommy Burns191146-5180 lbs0-- (0of0)
72 ·Tommy Morrison199848-3221 lbsy4778%78.7% (37of47)
73 ·Tony LaRosa199632-23194 lbs258%8.3% (2of24)
74 ·Tony Tubbs199347-10220 lbsy5142%42.0% (21of50)
75 ·Tony Tucker198957-7222 lbsy6073%75.8% (44of58)
76 ·Trevor Berbick198849-11218 lbsy5448%49.0% (26of53)
77 ·Vitali Klitschko200341-2230 lbsy4388%88.3% (38of43)
78 ·Wladimir Klitschko200355-3232 lbsy5887%92.4% (49of53)

Fistic Statistic [#1609.6]

On a sidenote: Isn't it fascinating that there are 4 world champs with colorful names like Leon Spinks, Michael Spinks, Pinklon Thomas and Tony LaRosa?


The bottom of the table… Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is so featherfisted that he is only underperformed

  • by cruiser Jack Johnson, median fighting weight 185 lbs
  • by bummy[?] Leon Spinks (26-17)
  • by Tony LaRosa (32-23)(!), median opponent weight 194 lbs, who died at the age of 41 and who (for some reason that eludes me) seems to have been IBF heavyweight champion without winning a world championship fight
  • by Ernie Terrell (real heavyweight record 9-5)

In other words: Muhammad Ali is one of the least dangerous champs of all time.

Add to it that even his scarce KOs are doubtful (Sonny Liston 2x, George Foreman, Cleveland Williams) and you get a champ without power.

This is confirmed by Earnie Shavers, who compared the punching power of Larry Holmes to Ali's:

Interviewer: "You fought Muhammad Ali the year before and you told us earlier: 'No comparison between the jab of Larry Holmes and Muhammed Ali'"

Earnie Shavers: "Larry's left hand is like most guys right hand. Larry had THE jab. There's no comparison to Muhammed Ali. Muhammed Ali had a flicking jab. No power. Larry has a real powerful jab like a right hand. None, no comparison."


Considering that Larry Holmes himself is somewhat featherfisty Ali's power must have been abysmal.


Amongst real heavyweight champs (200×2) Ali, Leon Spinks and Terrell are the 3 most featherfisted champs of all time, followed by Evan Fields and Joe Frazier.

As you may be aware Ernie Terrell had a music group ("Ernie Terrell & the Heavyweights"). He should have rather made a band with Ali and Frazier and call it "The Pillows".


Since it's usually the AliFans who claim that "Ali would easily KO ((insert opponent)) within ((insert rounds))" they need to swallow a tough pill reading these tables.

Muhammad Ali is the most famous featherfist of all time.



Powder Puncher or Power Puncher?

This table below shows another way how to statistificate the power (or lack thereof) of a boxer.

#nameRounds needed per KO (200×2, fair, including overlate KOs)Rounds needed per KO (200×2, KOs 1-12)
01 ·Brian Nielsen6.7 (289 rounds for 43 KOs)6.7 (289 rounds for 43 KOs)
02 ·Bruce Seldon5.0 (181 rounds for 36 KOs)5.0 (181 rounds for 36 KOs)
03 ·Chris Byrd16.9 (322.5 rounds for 19 KOs)16.9 (322.5 rounds for 19 KOs)
04 ·Corrie Sanders5.0 (137.5 rounds for 27 KOs)5.0 (137.5 rounds for 27 KOs)
05 ·Danell Nicholson5.9 (172.5 rounds for 29 KOs)5.9 (172.5 rounds for 29 KOs)
06 ·David Haye5.1 (41 rounds for 8 KOs)5.1 (41 rounds for 8 KOs)
07 ·Ernie Terrell63.2 (126.5 rounds for 2 KOs)63.2 (126.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
08 ·Evander Holyfield22.7 (318 rounds for 14 KOs)22.7 (318 rounds for 14 KOs)
09 ·Francesco Damiani6.3 (121.5 rounds for 19 KOs)6.3 (121.5 rounds for 19 KOs)
10 ·Frank Bruno4.2 (140 rounds for 33 KOs)4.2 (140 rounds for 33 KOs)
11 ·George Foreman5.0 (267.5 rounds for 53 KOs)5.0 (267.5 rounds for 53 KOs)
12 ·Gerrie Coetzee15.0 (165.5 rounds for 11 KOs)15.0 (165.5 rounds for 11 KOs)
13 ·Greg Page8.3 (385.5 rounds for 46 KOs)8.3 (385.5 rounds for 46 KOs)
14 ·Hasim Rahman6.3 (248.5 rounds for 39 KOs)6.3 (248.5 rounds for 39 KOs)
15 ·Henry Akinwande10.2 (296 rounds for 29 KOs)10.2 (296 rounds for 29 KOs)
16 ·Herbie Hide4.0 (109.5 rounds for 27 KOs)4.0 (109.5 rounds for 27 KOs)
17 ·Ingemar Johansson10 (40 rounds for 4 KOs)13.3 (40 rounds for 3 KOs)
18 ·Jack Johnson24.1 (145 rounds for 6 KOs)29 (145 rounds for 5 KOs)
19 ·James Buster Douglas10.5 (210.5 rounds for 20 KOs)10.5 (210.5 rounds for 20 KOs)
20 ·James J Jeffries20.2 (40.5 rounds for 2 KOs)20.2 (40.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
21 ·James Smith11.3 (330.5 rounds for 29 KOs)11.3 (330.5 rounds for 29 KOs)
22 ·Jess Willard12.9 (155 rounds for 12 KOs)14.0 (155 rounds for 11 KOs)
23 ·Jimmy Ellis10.5 (31.5 rounds for 3 KOs)10.5 (31.5 rounds for 3 KOs)
24 ·Jimmy Thunder9.4 (256 rounds for 27 KOs)9.4 (256 rounds for 27 KOs)
25 ·Joe Frazier18 (144 rounds for 8 KOs)18 (144 rounds for 8 KOs)
26 ·Joe Louis5.6 (50.5 rounds for 9 KOs)6.3 (50.5 rounds for 8 KOs)
27 ·John L. Sullivan2.6 (21 rounds for 8 KOs)2.6 (21 rounds for 8 KOs)
28 ·John Ruiz10.5 (221.5 rounds for 21 KOs)10.5 (221.5 rounds for 21 KOs)
29 ·John Tate9.5 (172 rounds for 18 KOs)9.5 (172 rounds for 18 KOs)
30 ·Ken Norton9.3 (224 rounds for 24 KOs)9.3 (224 rounds for 24 KOs)
31 ·Lamon Brewster5.5 (160.5 rounds for 29 KOs)5.5 (160.5 rounds for 29 KOs)
32 ·Larry Holmes12.6 (494.5 rounds for 39 KOs)13.0 (494.5 rounds for 38 KOs)
33 ·Lennox Lewis6.4 (199.5 rounds for 31 KOs)6.4 (199.5 rounds for 31 KOs)
34 ·Leon Spinks27 (216 rounds for 8 KOs)27 (216 rounds for 8 KOs)
35 ·Lionel Butler6.3 (157.5 rounds for 25 KOs)6.3 (157.5 rounds for 25 KOs)
36 ·Max Baer8.0 (145 rounds for 18 KOs)8.0 (145 rounds for 18 KOs)
37 ·Michael Bentt9.9 (49.5 rounds for 5 KOs)9.9 (49.5 rounds for 5 KOs)
38 ·Michael Dokes10.2 (306 rounds for 30 KOs)10.2 (306 rounds for 30 KOs)
39 ·Michael Moorer11.9 (215 rounds for 18 KOs)11.9 (215 rounds for 18 KOs)
40 ·Michael Spinks11.7 (23.5 rounds for 2 KOs)11.7 (23.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
41 ·Mike Tyson4.7 (184.5 rounds for 39 KOs)4.7 (184.5 rounds for 39 KOs)
42 ·Mike Weaver13.3 (306 rounds for 23 KOs)14.5 (306 rounds for 21 KOs)
43 ·Muhammad Ali24.5 (344 rounds for 14 KOs)31.2 (344 rounds for 11 KOs)
44 ·Nikolay Valuev7.7 (247 rounds for 32 KOs)7.7 (247 rounds for 32 KOs)
45 ·Oleg Maskaev8.0 (218 rounds for 27 KOs)8.0 (218 rounds for 27 KOs)
46 ·Oliver McCall9.4 (339.5 rounds for 36 KOs)9.4 (339.5 rounds for 36 KOs)
47 ·Pinklon Thomas8.8 (230.5 rounds for 26 KOs)8.8 (230.5 rounds for 26 KOs)
48 ·Primo Carnera5.6 (322.5 rounds for 57 KOs)5.7 (322.5 rounds for 56 KOs)
49 ·Ray Mercer9.1 (220.5 rounds for 24 KOs)9.1 (220.5 rounds for 24 KOs)
50 ·Riddick Bowe4.9 (158.5 rounds for 32 KOs)4.9 (158.5 rounds for 32 KOs)
51 ·Ruslan Chagaev8.8 (141 rounds for 16 KOs)8.8 (141 rounds for 16 KOs)
52 ·Samuel Peter6.0 (163 rounds for 27 KOs)6.0 (163 rounds for 27 KOs)
53 ·Shannon Briggs4.2 (181 rounds for 43 KOs)4.2 (181 rounds for 43 KOs)
54 ·Siarhei Liakhovich9.9 (148.5 rounds for 15 KOs)9.9 (148.5 rounds for 15 KOs)
55 ·Sonny Liston5.2 (111 rounds for 21 KOs)5.2 (111 rounds for 21 KOs)
56 ·Sultan Ibragimov6.4 (109.5 rounds for 17 KOs)6.4 (109.5 rounds for 17 KOs)
57 ·Tim Witherspoon11.6 (397 rounds for 34 KOs)11.6 (397 rounds for 34 KOs)
58 ·Tommy Morrison3.8 (143.5 rounds for 37 KOs)3.8 (143.5 rounds for 37 KOs)
59 ·Tony LaRosa45.2 (90.5 rounds for 2 KOs)45.2 (90.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
60 ·Tony Tubbs14.3 (301.5 rounds for 21 KOs)14.3 (301.5 rounds for 21 KOs)
61 ·Tony Tucker6.2 (276 rounds for 44 KOs)6.2 (276 rounds for 44 KOs)
62 ·Trevor Berbick15.1 (394 rounds for 26 KOs)15.1 (394 rounds for 26 KOs)
63 ·Vitali Klitschko5 (190 rounds for 38 KOs)5 (190 rounds for 38 KOs)
64 ·Wladimir Klitschko4.8 (238.5 rounds for 49 KOs)4.8 (238.5 rounds for 49 KOs)

Fistic Statistic [#1609.7]

I excluded all champs with 3 or less real heavyweight fights.
All the above numbers are fair = without fights that ended due to headbutts, without wins by DQ and without NC.


John L. Sullivan's ratios look pretty impressive until you take a look at his picture:

He was the last bareknuckle champion (= without gloves) and here is a picture of one of his fights:

It's highly doubtful that any statistical figures of such ancient boxers are comparable to modern boxers.


The Pillow Flicker era

Unbelievable, not only are Ali, Terrell and Leon Spinks the 3 most featherfisted real heavyweight champs of all time but if you lived in those times you were really lucky:

Ali actually FACED them!

And even more: He faced two other featherfisted champs: Joe Frazier (bottom #8) and Trevor Berbick (bottom #10).


Now, what can we expect when 5 of the most featherfisted champs of all time meet in a ring? We can expect a lot featherfisted drama (= wind makers) ("Air Wars") but unfortunately no KOs within 12 rounds:

Ali vs Terrell UD15
Ali vs Frazier RTD14
Ali vs Frazier UD12
Ali vs Frazier UD15
Ali vs Leon Spinks UD15
Ali vs Leon Spinks SD15
Ali vs Trevor Berbick UD10

You see, all these numbers that I list in my tables DO AMOUNT to something. They CAN be interpreted. They are not meaningless.


So why do I mention all this?

Because in the mind of AliFans fighting 15 rounds is a proof of greatness! AliFans LOVE to mention how in Ali's era the fighters were "15-rounders", while modern boxers are merely 12-rounders:

"your klits are a joke and to compare them the the greatest 15 rounders of all time is a good laugh"

"Wlad is compared to the greatest 15 rounders of all time, Wlad would fall out in a 15 rounder"

"Are you kidding me, are u for real, are u telling me sorry azz wlad would had beat an in prime frazier based on his mummy size, no no no- for one thing- wlad couldnt get past 5 rounds without CPR needed, frazier is a hall of fame 15 rounder"

(original quotes)

Ali vs Frazier is considered a proof of the greatness of the era, whereas in reality it's merely a proof of a weak punch and a somewhat durable chin.

In other words: It's another case of black-is-white logic since going 15 rounds is not a hallmark but actually a sign of FAILURE, as I wrote at Wladimir Klitschko sucks because he KOs his opponents.

Nevertheless it seems that the 1970ies audience LOVED 2 featherfists slugging it out: Ali vs Frazier attracted 19000+ spectators, Ali vs Terrell even 37000+ (approx. twice as much as Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield).

An even bigger(!) crowd came to see Ali vs Leon Spinks II.

Featherfist Ali (already with signs of Parkinson) and featherfist Leon Spinks (a bum with a career record of 26-17, who at the time had a record of 2-0 in 200×2 fights) met for the *cough* heavyweight *cough* championship *cough* of the world.

I have yet to make up my which fight was actually worse:

A featherfist with Parkinson's (Ali) losing to
a 2-0 cruiser bum (Leon Spinks, 197 lbs)…

…or a 2-0 bum losing to a featherfist with Parkinson in the rematch.

That was the zenith of the Golden Age of Boxing:
A 63000+ crowd!

Alternatively you may want to choose the "Clayzier trilogy" as an even greater farce, since Frazier was boxing half BLIND (and even completely blind once his seeing eye swelled up). No matter how much you like Frazier vs Ali ("Fight of the century") (= the signature fight of Ali's era), it doesn't change the fact that it was "Featherfist vs Handicapped Featherfist". Nothing nowadays comes even close to such a terrible state of the heavyweight division. It's only bottomed by boxers fighting completely BLIND (Sam Langford, Sujet Salee). Now, don't get me wrong: Frazier's courage is remarkable. But don't convert the courage of a handicapped to the greatness of a whole era.


How many of their opponents did the champs KO?

Another way how to display the punching power of a boxer is to check how many of his opponents a boxer managed to KO throughout his whole career (= including rematches). Thus if a boxer has 10 fights against 5 different opponents of whom he manages to KO 4 then his Unique KO'ratio would be 4 of 5 = 80%.

NameUnique KO'ratio (fair)Unique KO'ratio (fair, 200×2)Unique KO'ratio (fair, 200×2, world title fights)Unique KO'ratio (fair, 200×2, non-bums)
·Bob Fitzsimmons72.6% (53of73)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Brian Nielsen67.1% (43of64)67.1% (43of64)83.3% (5of6)63.6% (14of22)
·Bruce Seldon73.9% (34of46)73.9% (34of46)- (2of3)38.4% (5of13)
·Chris Byrd47.8% (22of46)47.5% (19of40)14.2% (1of7)31.2% (5of16)
·Corrie Sanders67.3% (31of46)67.5% (27of40)- (1of2)58.3% (7of12)
·Danell Nicholson68.0% (32of47)65.9% (29of44)- (0of1)0.0% (0of6)
·David Haye88.4% (23of26)88.8% (8of9)- (2of3)85.7% (6of7)
·Ernie Terrell42.5% (20of47)14.2% (2of14)- (0of2)16.6% (1of6)
·Evander Holyfield62.2% (28of45)50.0% (14of28)30.7% (4of13)44.0% (11of25)
·Ezzard Charles55.0% (49of89)- (1of1)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Floyd Patterson73.0% (38of52)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Francesco Damiani75.0% (24of32)70.3% (19of27)- (1of2)50.0% (3of6)
·Frank Bruno86.3% (38of44)84.6% (33of39)0.0% (0of4)66.6% (8of12)
·Gene Tunney65.6% (42of64)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·George Foreman84.8% (67of79)82.5% (52of63)42.8% (3of7)61.9% (13of21)
·Gerrie Coetzee58.3% (21of36)47.8% (11of23)25.0% (1of4)22.2% (2of9)
·Greg Page67.1% (47of70)66.1% (45of68)- (2of3)27.7% (5of18)
·Hasim Rahman74.0% (40of54)75.0% (39of52)16.6% (1of6)47.0% (8of17)
·Henry Akinwande57.6% (30of52)58.0% (29of50)50.0% (2of4)33.3% (5of15)
·Herbie Hide82.0% (41of50)83.8% (26of31)66.6% (4of6)75.0% (6of8)
·Ingemar Johansson62.5% (15of24)60.0% (3of5)- (0of0)- (0of1)
·Jack Dempsey20.8% (10of48)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Jack Dempsey79.3% (46of58)- (1of1)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Jack Johnson46.8% (30of64)33.3% (5of15)0.0% (0of5)- (0of3)
·Jack Sharkey32.5% (13of40)- (0of2)- (0of1)- (0of1)
·James Buster Douglas54.7% (23of42)50.0% (18of36)- (1of3)35.7% (5of14)
·James J Corbett17.6% (3of17)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·James J Jeffries72.2% (13of18)- (2of3)- (1of2)- (1of2)
·James Smith- (0of3)- (0of1)- (0of0)- (0of1)
·James Smith57.1% (32of56)55.7% (29of52)- (1of3)27.7% (5of18)
·Jersey Joe Walcott59.2% (32of54)- (0of1)- (0of0)- (0of1)
·Jess Willard53.3% (16of30)47.3% (9of19)- (0of2)- (0of3)
·Jim Braddock36.6% (26of71)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Jimmy Ellis78.2% (18of23)82.3% (14of17)- (0of0)- (1of3)
·Jimmy Ellis46.0% (23of50)60.0% (3of5)- (0of1)- (0of2)
·Jimmy Thunder58.6% (27of46)59.0% (26of44)- (1of3)31.2% (5of16)
·Joe Frazier80.6% (25of31)53.8% (7of13)57.1% (4of7)42.8% (3of7)
·Joe Louis84.4% (49of58)100.0% (9of9)100.0% (6of6)100.0% (5of5)
·John L. Sullivan83.7% (31of37)100.0% (8of8)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·John Ruiz61.2% (30of49)65.6% (21of32)14.2% (1of7)33.3% (5of15)
·John Tate65.7% (23of35)60.0% (18of30)- (0of2)55.5% (5of9)
·Ken Norton71.1% (32of45)70.5% (24of34)- (0of3)53.8% (7of13)
·Lamon Brewster75.0% (30of40)74.3% (29of39)60.0% (3of5)60.0% (6of10)
·Larry Holmes57.7% (41of71)58.0% (36of62)52.0% (13of25)46.1% (12of26)
·Lennox Lewis82.0% (32of39)81.5% (31of38)71.4% (10of14)75.0% (15of20)
·Leon Spinks30.2% (13of43)27.5% (8of29)- (0of2)27.2% (3of11)
·Lionel Butler53.1% (25of47)54.3% (25of46)- (1of2)17.6% (3of17)
·Marvin Hart55.1% (16of29)- (0of2)- (0of0)- (0of1)
·Max Baer72.7% (48of66)69.2% (18of26)- (1of1)42.8% (3of7)
·Max Schmeling71.1% (37of52)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Michael Bentt50.0% (6of12)45.4% (5of11)- (1of2)- (1of2)
·Michael Dokes58.6% (34of58)60.0% (30of50)- (1of3)41.6% (5of12)
·Michael Moorer70.9% (39of55)52.9% (18of34)33.3% (2of6)50.0% (8of16)
·Michael Spinks70.0% (21of30)50.0% (2of4)- (1of3)50.0% (2of4)
·Mike Tyson82.6% (43of52)80.8% (38of47)64.2% (9of14)69.5% (16of23)
·Mike Weaver48.0% (25of52)51.2% (20of39)11.1% (1of9)18.1% (2of11)
·Muhammad Ali60.0% (30of50)40.0% (10of25)42.1% (8of19)33.3% (6of18)
·Nikolay Valuev67.3% (33of49)65.9% (31of47)42.8% (3of7)44.4% (8of18)
·Oleg Maskaev62.5% (25of40)62.5% (25of40)- (1of3)41.1% (7of17)
·Oliver McCall58.7% (37of63)58.0% (36of62)- (1of3)38.0% (8of21)
·Pinklon Thomas68.7% (33of48)62.5% (25of40)20.0% (1of5)0.0% (0of9)
·Primo Carnera76.7% (66of86)82.8% (53of64)- (1of3)62.5% (5of8)
·Ray Mercer60.4% (26of43)58.5% (24of41)- (2of3)50.0% (8of16)
·Riddick Bowe86.8% (33of38)86.4% (32of37)100.0% (5of5)81.8% (9of11)
·Rocky Marciano93.1% (41of44)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Roy Jones Jr70.1% (40of57)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Ruslan Chagaev65.3% (17of26)64.0% (16of25)- (0of3)33.3% (4of12)
·Samuel Peter75.0% (27of36)75.0% (27of36)40.0% (2of5)50.0% (6of12)
·Shannon Briggs77.1% (44of57)76.3% (42of55)25.0% (1of4)66.6% (12of18)
·Siarhei Liakhovich55.5% (15of27)53.8% (14of26)- (0of2)16.6% (1of6)
·Sonny Liston79.5% (35of44)83.3% (20of24)- (0of1)75.0% (3of4)
·Sultan Ibragimov73.9% (17of23)73.9% (17of23)- (0of3)33.3% (2of6)
·Tim Witherspoon56.0% (37of66)53.2% (33of62)14.2% (1of7)31.8% (7of22)
·Tommy Burns68.2% (28of41)- (0of0)- (0of0)- (0of0)
·Tommy Morrison80.7% (42of52)78.7% (37of47)25.0% (1of4)66.6% (8of12)
·Tony LaRosa33.9% (18of53)8.3% (2of24)- (0of2)0.0% (0of17)
·Tony Tubbs45.4% (25of55)42.8% (21of49)0.0% (0of4)5.8% (1of17)
·Tony Tucker77.0% (47of61)75.8% (44of58)20.0% (1of5)43.7% (7of16)
·Trevor Berbick55.0% (33of60)49.0% (26of53)- (0of3)15.3% (2of13)
·Vitali Klitschko88.3% (38of43)88.3% (38of43)69.2% (9of13)76.1% (16of21)
·Wladimir Klitschko94.2% (49of52)94.2% (49of52)87.5% (14of16)92.5% (25of27)

Fistic Statistic [#1609.8]

Wladimir Klitschko who managed to KO 94% of his opponents in real heavyweights fights is the hardest punching heavyweight champion of all times. Only Joe Louis plays in the same league, if you want to call Louis a "heavyweight" and a record of "5 KOs against 5 opponents" conclusive. Rocky Marciano's high KO'ratio is due to thinner gloves in those times, thus he is pretty uncomparable to any modern fighter.


How many overlate KOs were scored in Clay/Ali's era?

In Clay/Ali's era there have been 900+ real heavyweight fights 200×2, of which 500+ ended as KOs and of which 4 ended as overlate KOs (round 13, 14, 15). Ali has been such a featherfisted butterfly that he alone is responsible for 3 of these 4 overlate KOs:

  • Muhammad Ali vs Chuck Wepner KO15
  • Muhammad Ali vs Oscar Bonavena KO15 (doubtful KO, Ali refused to go to the neutral corner)
  • Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier KO14 (not a knockdown, Frazier chose to retire during the break)
  • Larry Holmes vs Gerry Cooney KO13


Do we want to go back to Ali's era?

I personally would hate it should heavyweight return to a division with a featherfisted champ at the top (like Ali or Frazier) who additionally has a miserable defense (like Ali) or was handicapped (like Frazier) AND YET NOBODY around to exploit such limitedness.

But I won't dive too much into it here because this is an era-comparison article and not a boxer-comparison article.


The list of real(!) heavyweight(!) world(!) champions(!)

Above I wrote that there have been 78 heavyweight champions. But that's a very generous assessment since most of the 78 champs have won only 2 or only 1 title wins ("1 hit wonders") (= were merely titlist and not champs) or weren't real heavyweights at all (= most of their fights were not 200×2).

If you ask me then there are only approximately 20 real heavyweight champs, but since you can have different criteria I made the following table so you can decide

  • how much weight is "heavy"-weight?
  • how much nationalities is "world"?
  • how much title wins is "champion"?
  • what is the least amount of heavyweight fights the champ should have?
  • should criminals like Mike Tyson be excluded?


For me personally someone who wants to be called himself a "real heavyweight champion" should have at least 10 real heavyweight wins 200×2 (I am generous), and at least 3 real heavyweight championship KO wins against at least 3 different nationalities (= birth countries of the opponents).

But with such a strict definition you may be left with only 10 or so champs excluding Joe Louis, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman etc..

Well compile your champs from the table below.

And for those who think that excluding fights below 200×2 is too harsh: No, it's not harsh. It is generous, because no heavyweight championship takes place at such a low weight nowadays. The average weights of Wladimir +Opponents +Vitali +Opponents +Lennox +Opponents in world championship fights (= 49! championships) is approx 240 lbs. Thus the numbers you see in the table below actually FAVOR past-time boxers since de facto we live in a superheavyweight era (or even a super-super-heavyweight era).


#NameMedian WIN opponent weightCareer recordWorld title wins (uniques, non-bums)World title KO'wins (uniques, non-bums)Unique birth countries of WIN opponents (non-bums)Career record (200×2)World title wins (uniques, non-bums, 200×2)World title KO'wins (uniques, non-bums, 200×2)Unique birth countries of WIN opponents (non-bums, 200×2)
01 ·Bob Fitzsimmons170 lbs71-82120-0000
02 ·Brian Nielsen224 lbs64-243164-2431
03 ·Bruce Seldon226 lbs40-822140-8221
04 ·Chris Byrd224 lbs41-551336-4513
05 ·Corrie Sanders219 lbs42-411136-4111
06 ·Danell Nicholson230 lbs42-510139-5101
07 ·David Haye198 lbs25-13239-0323
08 ·Ernie Terrell198 lbs46-92019-5100
09 ·Evander Holyfield213 lbs43-1083125-10831
10 ·Ezzard Charles180 lbs93-254311-0000
11 ·Floyd Patterson183 lbs55-84420-0000
12 ·Francesco Damiani211 lbs30-211025-2110
13 ·Frank Bruno214 lbs40-510135-5101
14 ·Gene Tunney175 lbs81-11010-0000
15 ·George Foreman214 lbs76-543259-5432
16 ·Gerrie Coetzee205 lbs33-611017-6110
17 ·Greg Page219 lbs58-1711156-17111
18 ·Hasim Rahman230 lbs49-721247-7212
19 ·Henry Akinwande224 lbs50-432348-4323
20 ·Herbie Hide206 lbs49-444329-4443
21 ·Ingemar Johansson199 lbs26-21115-0000
22 ·Jack Dempsey198 lbs65-66531-0000
23 ·Jack Johnson195 lbs68-1241211-3101
24 ·Jack Sharkey193 lbs38-141011-2000
25 ·James Buster Douglas220 lbs38-611132-6111
26 ·James J Corbett170 lbs14-42120-0000
27 ·James J Jeffries185 lbs19-14332-1111
28 ·James Smith223 lbs44-1711140-17111
29 ·Jersey Joe Walcott189 lbs51-181111-0000
30 ·Jess Willard200 lbs26-710117-2101
31 ·Jim Braddock179 lbs51-261010-0000
32 ·Jimmy Ellis182 lbs40-122013-3000
33 ·Jimmy Thunder224 lbs35-1421234-13212
34 ·Joe Frazier199 lbs32-475213-4422
35 ·Joe Louis193 lbs66-31515311-0542
36 ·John L. Sullivan200 lbs38-10009-0000
37 ·John Ruiz221 lbs44-951328-7513
38 ·John Tate211 lbs34-310128-3101
39 ·Ken Norton208 lbs42-700030-6000
40 ·Lamon Brewster228 lbs35-643434-6434
41 ·Larry Holmes212 lbs69-6137560-51375
42 ·Lennox Lewis228 lbs41-21510739-215107
43 ·Leon Spinks207 lbs26-1710117-11000
44 ·Lionel Butler225 lbs32-1700031-17000
45 ·Marvin Hart180 lbs31-91111-2000
46 ·Max Baer197 lbs68-1311125-3111
47 ·Max Schmeling185 lbs56-101010-0000
48 ·Michael Bentt224 lbs11-211110-2111
49 ·Michael Dokes212 lbs53-600045-6000
50 ·Michael Moorer208 lbs52-441330-4413
51 ·Michael Spinks174 lbs31-12113-1211
52 ·Mike Tyson218 lbs50-687345-6873
53 ·Mike Weaver214 lbs41-1820132-13201
54 ·Muhammad Ali205 lbs56-5147428-41253
55 ·Nikolay Valuev237 lbs50-253248-2532
56 ·Oleg Maskaev232 lbs36-721236-7212
57 ·Oliver McCall228 lbs55-1021254-10212
58 ·Pinklon Thomas214 lbs43-710135-7101
59 ·Primo Carnera207 lbs89-1410166-6000
60 ·Ray Mercer225 lbs36-722234-7222
61 ·Riddick Bowe227 lbs43-143342-1433
62 ·Rocky Marciano190 lbs49-04420-0000
63 ·Roy Jones Jr166 lbs54-71010-0000
64 ·Ruslan Chagaev238 lbs27-130226-1302
65 ·Samuel Peter232 lbs34-432234-4322
66 ·Shannon Briggs229 lbs51-611149-6111
67 ·Siarhei Liakhovich230 lbs25-310124-3101
68 ·Sonny Liston198 lbs50-411124-2000
69 ·Sultan Ibragimov233 lbs22-120122-1201
70 ·Tim Witherspoon225 lbs55-1331251-13312
71 ·Tommy Burns183 lbs46-52010-0000
72 ·Tommy Morrison219 lbs48-321143-3211
73 ·Tony LaRosa185 lbs32-230007-18000
74 ·Tony Tubbs219 lbs47-1010141-10101
75 ·Tony Tucker220 lbs57-711053-7110
76 ·Trevor Berbick214 lbs49-1110042-11100
77 ·Vitali Klitschko230 lbs41-2108641-21086
78 ·Wladimir Klitschko233 lbs55-31413555-314135

Fistic Statistic [#1609.9]


Genuine heavyweight 215×2

OK, let's come now to the superheavyweight 215×2 statistics. Superheavyweight is what we nowadays consider "genuine heavyweight fights": Two big boys handing out heavy punches.

EraTotal fights (215×2)Total boxers (215×2)Total KOs (215×2)Total KO'ers (215×2)Total KO'ers with at least 3 KOs (215×2)
Joe Louis' era81 fights70 boxers56 KOs5 KO'ers5 KO'ers
Mack/Marciano's era12 fights12 boxers5 KOs4 KO'ers0 KO'ers
Clay/Ali's era222 fights173 boxers120 KOs30 KO'ers13 KO'ers
Larry Holmes800+ fights500+ boxers400+ KOs125 KO'ers40 KO'ers
Mike Tyson1000+ fights500+ boxers600+ KOs147 KO'ers38 KO'ers
Lennox Lewis era800+ fights400+ boxers600+ KOs113 KO'ers34 KO'ers
Wladimir Klitschko's era1100+ fights600+ boxers650+ KOs148 KO'ers50 KO'ers

Fistic Statistic [#1609.10]

The same trends as before: If you are into real superheavyweight, the eras before Larry Holmes would have been a letdown. In terms of superheavyweight 215×2 the Klitschko era is approximately 100x as valuable/entertaining as Mack/Marciano's era.

In Mack/Marciano's era there has not been a single boxer
who scored 3 or more KOs in real superheavyweight fights 215×2.


Boom, Boom, Bum

Now let's compare how often you would see a fight of non-bum vs non-bum.

Let me remind you that "bum" is a strictly mathematical definition (see Definitions) throughout this site and is defined as "Has lost 25% or more of his fights (excluding Draws and NCs).

EraTotal fightsHow many of these fights were non-bum vs non-bum (200×2)?How many of these fights were non-bum vs non-bum (215×2)?
Joe Louis' era4100+ fights56 fights12 fights
Mack/Marciano's era2000+ fights8 fights0 fights
Clay/Ali's era2600+ fights205 fights67 fights
Larry Holmes' era2700+ fights300+ fights160+ fights
Mike Tyson's era2100+ fights300+ fights220+ fights
Lennox Lewis era1800+ fights300+ fights250+ fights
Wladimir Klitschko's era2000+ fights280+220+ fights

Fistic Statistic [#1609.11]

(As always: The more recent a boxer the more temporary the numbers and the more they will INCREASE in the future.)

This table should actually be a shocker for good-old-time nostalgists. Yes, Louis era featured 4100+ fights but only 12 fights were what we would consider nowadays as genuine + quality heavyweight fights.



I personally don't care much about streaks. For me it's much more important how many TOTAL wins someone has or what his RATIO is (Wins per Fights).

But since streaks often pop up in discussions I wanted to share the statistics with you. Important: There are two definitions of streaks, please read which definition I use.

NameLongest unbeaten streak (may include draws)Longest winning streakLongest winning streak (200×2)Longest winning streak (200×2, non-bums)Longest winning streak (215×2)Longest winning streak (215×2, non-bums)KO'streak (200×2, non-bums)KO'streak (215×2, non-bums)
·Bob Fitzsimmons420000000
·Brian Nielsen49494915391055
·Bruce Seldon181818311333
·Chris Byrd262622413220
·Corrie Sanders232317410343
·Danell Nicholson101515114000
·David Haye1015974442
·Ernie Terrell815631010
·Evander Holyfield28281085461
·Ezzard Charles1524100000
·Floyd Patterson1322000000
·Francesco Damiani272722312232
·Frank Bruno21211645343
·Gene Tunney5033000000
·George Foreman4040247221078
·Gerrie Coetzee2222643111
·Greg Page191919213121
·Hasim Rahman292927322222
·Henry Akinwande331816917722
·Herbie Hide26261536333
·Ingemar Johansson2222510000
·Jack Dempsey818100000
·Jack Johnson214712000
·Jack Sharkey313110000
·James Buster Douglas577512621
·James J Corbett167000000
·James J Jeffries2114110010
·James Smith01411210222
·Jersey Joe Walcott612110000
·Jess Willard06612100
·Jim Braddock2614000000
·Jimmy Ellis512300000
·Jimmy Thunder9913410522
·Joe Frazier29291161020
·Joe Louis24341170030
·John L. Sullivan3937900000
·John Ruiz14141148443
·John Tate20201578423
·Ken Norton16161843241
·Lamon Brewster232323617633
·Larry Holmes484839189251
·Lennox Lewis252523719744
·Leon Spinks85532010
·Lionel Butler01616310322
·Marvin Hart1414100000
·Max Baer7192246221
·Max Schmeling420000000
·Michael Bentt0111019111
·Michael Dokes28171169221
·Michael Moorer35351357232
·Michael Spinks3131330020
·Mike Tyson373732920843
·Mike Weaver08624010
·Muhammad Ali313114910922
·Nikolay Valuev46464414361333
·Oleg Maskaev61212511555
·Oliver McCall11313410433
·Pinklon Thomas27201618100
·Primo Carnera62432428433
·Ray Mercer18181647433
·Riddick Bowe343433925834
·Rocky Marciano4949000000
·Roy Jones Jr3434000000
·Ruslan Chagaev2620201020821
·Samuel Peter242424522522
·Shannon Briggs252523812888
·Siarhei Liakhovich161615313311
·Sonny Liston7281334131
·Sultan Ibragimov231919311211
·Tim Witherspoon15151288855
·Tommy Burns1212000000
·Tommy Morrison28282358332
·Tony LaRosa310511100
·Tony Tubbs21211638311
·Tony Tucker343430410322
·Trevor Berbick1111935211
·Vitali Klitschko2727279301066
·Wladimir Klitschko242424142012912

Fistic Statistic [#1609.12]

When it comes to KO'streaks (= something that can be interpreted as "dominance") then superheavyweight boxers of future generations will have to measure themselves by the standard set by Wladimir Klitschko.


KO'performance in world title fights

Here is a comparison of the KO'performance of world champions. Champions don't listed here (e.g. Evander Holyfield, George Foreman) have scored only 3 (or less) KOs in world title fights, thus they are excluded from calculations.

Additionally to compare apples to apples I excluded fights against southpaws because a lot of champions duck southpaws (since they are much harder to KO) and thus KO stats of brave champs (who don't duck southpaws) would have a disadvantage.


NameRounds per KO (including overlate KOs, any weight, world title fights, fair, orthodox opponents)Rounds per KO (rounds 1-12, any weight, world title fights, fair, orthodox opponents)
·Brian Nielsen6 (24 rounds for 4 KOs)6 (24 rounds for 4 KOs)
·Floyd Patterson10.6 (85.5 rounds for 8 KOs)10.6 (85.5 rounds for 8 KOs)
·Jack Dempsey12.2 (49 rounds for 4 KOs)12.2 (49 rounds for 4 KOs)
·James J Jeffries18.8 (94 rounds for 5 KOs)23.5 (94 rounds for 4 KOs)
·Joe Frazier9.8 (78.5 rounds for 8 KOs)9.8 (78.5 rounds for 8 KOs)
·Joe Louis8.7 (140 rounds for 16 KOs)10 (140 rounds for 14 KOs)
·Larry Holmes21.3 (256 rounds for 12 KOs)23.2 (256 rounds for 11 KOs)
·Lennox Lewis10.9 (109 rounds for 10 KOs)10.9 (109 rounds for 10 KOs)
·Mike Tyson8.1 (81.5 rounds for 10 KOs)8.1 (81.5 rounds for 10 KOs)
·Muhammad Ali21.1 (232.5 rounds for 11 KOs)23.2 (232.5 rounds for 10 KOs)
·Riddick Bowe9.2 (37 rounds for 4 KOs)9.2 (37 rounds for 4 KOs)
·Rocky Marciano10.5 (63 rounds for 6 KOs)12.6 (63 rounds for 5 KOs)
·Tommy Burns10.2 (92.5 rounds for 9 KOs)13.2 (92.5 rounds for 7 KOs)
·Vitali Klitschko11.0 (77.5 rounds for 7 KOs)11.0 (77.5 rounds for 7 KOs)
·Wladimir Klitschko6.9 (76 rounds for 11 KOs)6.9 (76 rounds for 11 KOs)

Fistic Statistic [#1609.13]


The past, the present and the future

Marciano was once called "heavyweight". Nowadays he would be a cruiserweight or even a light-heavyweight, because the definition of "heavyweight" has changed. But what will the future bring?

How will the records compare should the heavyweight lower limit be raised from 200+ to 215+ or even to 230+ lbs?

NameRecordWinFight RatioRecord against 200+ opponents (200_2)WinFight Ratio (200_2)Record real heavy weight (200×2)WinFight ratio (200×2)Record super heavy weight (215_2)WinFight ratio (215_2)Record super heavy weight (215×2)WinFight ratio (215×2)Record ultra heavy weight (230_2)WinFight ratio (230_2)Record ultra heavy weight (230×2)WinFight ratio (230×2)
·Bob Fitzsimmons71-884.5%22-291.6%0-0-4-180.0%0-0-4-0100.0%0-0-
·Brian Nielsen64-296.9%64-296.9%64-296.9%51-296.2%51-296.2%26-196.2%26-196.2%
·Bruce Seldon40-883.3%40-883.3%40-883.3%32-880.0%30-878.9%18-481.8%5-271.4%
·Chris Byrd41-587.2%36-487.8%36-487.8%28-484.8%13-0100.0%15-378.9%0-0-
·Corrie Sanders42-491.3%36-490.0%36-490.0%26-486.6%23-485.1%12-475.0%3-260.0%
·Danell Nicholson42-589.3%39-588.6%39-588.6%33-489.1%30-488.2%22-388.0%5-183.3%
·David Haye25-196.1%10-0100.0%9-0100.0%7-0100.0%4-0100.0%4-0100.0%0-0-
·Ernie Terrell46-983.6%20-968.9%9-564.2%6-366.6%1-2-2-0-0-0-
·Evander Holyfield43-1078.1%25-1067.5%25-1067.5%21-867.7%11-464.7%8-457.1%0-0-
·Ezzard Charles93-2578.1%13-381.2%1-0-3-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-
·Floyd Patterson55-885.9%10-471.4%0-0-2-250.0%0-0-0-0-0-0-
·Francesco Damiani30-293.7%25-292.5%25-292.5%14-287.5%14-287.5%7-0100.0%2-0-
·Frank Bruno40-588.8%35-587.5%35-587.5%20-580.0%18-578.2%9-281.8%7-0100.0%
·Gene Tunney81-196.4%11-0100.0%0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·George Foreman76-593.8%59-592.1%59-592.1%35-392.1%33-391.6%9-0100.0%6-0100.0%
·Gerrie Coetzee33-682.5%21-675.0%17-670.8%12-570.5%7-558.3%6-275.0%1-0-
·Greg Page58-1776.3%56-1775.6%56-1775.6%43-1671.6%43-1671.6%19-967.8%14-766.6%
·Hasim Rahman49-784.4%47-783.9%47-783.9%39-781.2%39-781.2%26-578.7%25-578.1%
·Henry Akinwande50-490.9%48-490.5%48-490.5%37-490.2%33-489.1%19-386.3%13-381.2%
·Herbie Hide49-492.4%31-488.5%29-487.8%21-484.0%10-376.9%9-469.2%0-0-
·Ingemar Johansson26-292.8%13-0100.0%5-0100.0%3-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·Jack Dempsey65-679.2%32-096.9%1-0-8-0100.0%0-0-2-0-0-0-
·Jack Johnson68-1275.5%26-478.7%11-373.3%5-262.5%2-240.0%1-1-1-0-
·Jack Sharkey38-1469.0%11-284.6%1-2-2-1-0-0-1-1-0-0-
·James Buster Douglas38-684.4%32-682.0%32-682.0%22-484.6%22-484.6%7-370.0%6-366.6%
·James J Corbett14-466.6%5-271.4%0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·James J Jeffries19-186.3%2-150.0%2-150.0%0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·James Smith44-1770.9%40-1768.9%40-1768.9%33-1666.0%33-1666.0%16-769.5%15-671.4%
·Jersey Joe Walcott51-1871.8%12-475.0%1-0-3-175.0%0-0-0-1-0-0-
·Jess Willard26-774.2%17-280.9%17-280.9%2-0-2-0-1-0-1-0-
·Jim Braddock51-2660.7%9-190.0%0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·Jimmy Ellis40-1275.4%10-755.5%3-350.0%3-350.0%0-0-0-0-0-0-
·Jimmy Thunder35-1471.4%34-1372.3%34-1372.3%24-1070.5%21-1067.7%13-476.4%2-340.0%
·Joe Frazier32-486.4%15-475.0%13-472.2%7-363.6%1-225.0%3-0-0-0-
·Joe Louis66-395.6%18-0100.0%11-0100.0%7-0100.0%0-0-6-0100.0%0-0-
·John L. Sullivan38-195.0%22-0100.0%9-0100.0%2-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-
·John Ruiz44-981.4%35-781.3%28-777.7%25-775.7%22-675.8%11-284.6%6-275.0%
·John Tate34-391.8%28-390.3%28-390.3%15-288.2%15-288.2%4-0100.0%2-0-
·Ken Norton42-784.0%30-681.0%30-681.0%15-378.9%5-262.5%6-0100.0%0-0-
·Lamon Brewster35-685.3%34-685.0%34-685.0%27-681.8%27-681.8%17-577.2%3-350.0%
·Larry Holmes69-692.0%62-592.5%60-592.3%34-391.8%21-387.5%14-287.5%10-283.3%
·Lennox Lewis41-293.1%39-292.8%39-292.8%34-291.8%34-291.8%18-290.0%15-288.2%
·Leon Spinks26-1756.5%19-1255.8%17-1156.6%12-663.1%3-350.0%1-2-0-0-
·Lionel Butler32-1764.0%31-1763.2%31-1763.2%23-1363.8%22-1166.6%15-768.1%12-666.6%
·Marvin Hart31-965.9%10-471.4%1-2-0-1-0-0-0-1-0-0-
·Max Baer68-1383.9%32-488.8%25-389.2%14-193.3%6-0100.0%5-0100.0%0-0-
·Max Schmeling56-1080.0%7-363.6%0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·Michael Bentt11-284.6%10-283.3%10-283.3%9-190.0%9-190.0%3-0-2-0-
·Michael Dokes53-686.8%46-685.1%45-684.9%24-580.0%21-577.7%10-283.3%9-281.8%
·Michael Moorer52-491.2%30-485.7%30-485.7%22-384.6%19-382.6%12-280.0%4-080.0%
·Michael Spinks31-196.8%4-180.0%3-175.0%3-175.0%0-0-1-0-0-0-
·Mike Tyson50-689.2%45-688.2%45-688.2%33-684.6%33-684.6%10-471.4%1-325.0%
·Mike Weaver41-1868.3%38-1866.6%32-1369.5%20-1555.5%9-752.9%8-753.3%0-2-
·Muhammad Ali56-591.8%33-489.1%28-487.5%14-193.3%10-190.9%2-0-0-0-
·Nikolay Valuev50-296.1%48-296.0%48-296.0%39-295.1%39-295.1%29-0100.0%29-0100.0%
·Oleg Maskaev36-783.7%36-783.7%36-783.7%33-782.5%33-782.5%22-581.4%17-480.9%
·Oliver McCall55-1084.6%54-1084.3%54-1084.3%46-786.7%46-786.7%25-486.2%19-290.4%
·Pinklon Thomas43-784.3%35-781.3%35-781.3%21-577.7%13-572.2%5-271.4%0-0-
·Primo Carnera89-1486.4%66-691.6%66-691.6%28-0100.0%28-0100.0%12-0100.0%12-0100.0%
·Ray Mercer36-781.8%34-780.9%34-780.9%29-682.8%20-676.9%12-666.6%5-455.5%
·Riddick Bowe43-197.7%42-197.6%42-197.6%32-196.9%32-196.9%15-0100.0%8-0100.0%
·Rocky Marciano49-0100.0%12-0100.0%0-0-3-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-
·Roy Jones Jr54-788.5%1-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
·Ruslan Chagaev27-193.1%26-192.8%26-192.8%23-195.8%22-195.6%19-195.0%7-0100.0%
·Samuel Peter34-489.4%34-489.4%34-489.4%32-488.8%32-488.8%22-388.0%21-387.5%
·Shannon Briggs51-687.9%49-687.5%49-687.5%40-685.1%34-682.9%25-386.2%16-284.2%
·Siarhei Liakhovich25-389.2%24-388.8%24-388.8%21-387.5%21-387.5%13-286.6%10-283.3%
·Sonny Liston50-492.5%24-292.3%24-292.3%6-0100.0%4-0100.0%0-0-0-0-
·Sultan Ibragimov22-191.6%22-191.6%22-191.6%18-190.0%13-186.6%13-186.6%0-0-
·Tim Witherspoon55-1379.7%53-1379.1%51-1378.4%37-1274.0%35-1272.9%24-872.7%13-761.9%
·Tommy Burns46-576.6%?19-1?86.3%0-0-?2-0?-0-0-?1-0?-0-0-
·Tommy Morrison48-392.3%44-391.6%43-391.4%29-387.8%25-386.2%10-183.3%2-0-
·Tony LaRosa32-2358.1%7-1828.0%7-1828.0%5-1623.8%1-165.8%4-930.7%1-516.6%
·Tony Tubbs47-1082.4%41-1080.3%41-1080.3%29-1074.3%28-1073.6%11-473.3%9-469.2%
·Tony Tucker57-789.0%54-788.5%53-788.3%38-784.4%22-775.8%18-481.8%9-469.2%
·Trevor Berbick49-1180.3%42-1177.7%42-1177.7%24-1068.5%20-1066.6%12-380.0%4-357.1%
·Vitali Klitschko41-295.3%41-295.3%41-295.3%39-197.5%39-197.5%22-195.6%22-195.6%
·Wladimir Klitschko55-394.8%55-394.8%55-394.8%47-394.0%47-394.0%32-196.9%22-0100.0%

Fistic Statistic [#1609.14]



Fights get heavier and heavier from era to era. The amount of heavy and heavier KOs increases. If you are a fan of heavy boys KO'ing heavy boys then the fun started with Mike Tyson and continues to this day.

If you are interested in real superheavyweight fights 215×2 (= what we nowadays consider the lower limit of the heavyweight division) then anything before Larry Holmes is a letdown.

As a general rule of thumb:
What we consider heavyweight now
basically did not exists prior to Larry Holmes.

The Klitschko era might be considered the first real heavyweight era, since it's the first era in which there are more genuine heavyweights (= those who never boxed below 200 lbs) than former cruisers.

Amongst real heavyweights Wladimir Klitschko is the most powerful champ of all times while Muhammad Ali is one of the most featherfisted if not THE most featherfisted of all champs. Thus from a competitiveness point of view Klitschko-Ali would probably be a terrible mismatch in favor of Klitschko, whereas Klitschko-Lewis, Klitschko-Bowe or Klitschko-Morrison would be THE clash of powers.

If there are champions who deserve the title "heavyweight champion of the world" then it's these two (Lennox, Wladimir) followed by Vitali Klitschko, Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes and Evan Fields.

Considering all stats (experience against heavy opponents, world title wins, quality of opposition) Wladimir Klitschko vs Lennox Lewis would be the most competitive fight. Interestingly both Klitschko and Lennox have the same trainer (Emanuel Steward) thus this makes him the best heavyweight trainer of all time. And as a side-effect…

…The outcome of
Wladimir Klitschko vs Lennox Lewis
would maybe not be decided in the ring
but by whose corner Emanuel Steward would sit in.


·Brian Nielsen|6.7 (289 rounds for 43 KOs)|6.7 (289 rounds for 43 KOs)
·Bruce Seldon|5.0 (181 rounds for 36 KOs)|5.0 (181 rounds for 36 KOs)
·Chris Byrd|16.9 (322.5 rounds for 19 KOs)|16.9 (322.5 rounds for 19 KOs)
·Corrie Sanders|5.0 (137.5 rounds for 27 KOs)|5.0 (137.5 rounds for 27 KOs)
·Danell Nicholson|5.9 (172.5 rounds for 29 KOs)|5.9 (172.5 rounds for 29 KOs)
·David Haye|5.1 (41 rounds for 8 KOs)|5.1 (41 rounds for 8 KOs)
·Ernie Terrell|63.2 (126.5 rounds for 2 KOs)|63.2 (126.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
·Evander Holyfield|22.7 (318 rounds for 14 KOs)|22.7 (318 rounds for 14 KOs)
·Francesco Damiani|6.3 (121.5 rounds for 19 KOs)|6.3 (121.5 rounds for 19 KOs)
·Frank Bruno|4.2 (140 rounds for 33 KOs)|4.2 (140 rounds for 33 KOs)
·George Foreman|5.0 (267.5 rounds for 53 KOs)|5.0 (267.5 rounds for 53 KOs)
·Gerrie Coetzee|15.0 (165.5 rounds for 11 KOs)|15.0 (165.5 rounds for 11 KOs)
·Greg Page|8.3 (385.5 rounds for 46 KOs)|8.3 (385.5 rounds for 46 KOs)
·Hasim Rahman|6.3 (248.5 rounds for 39 KOs)|6.3 (248.5 rounds for 39 KOs)
·Henry Akinwande|10.2 (296 rounds for 29 KOs)|10.2 (296 rounds for 29 KOs)
·Herbie Hide|4.0 (109.5 rounds for 27 KOs)|4.0 (109.5 rounds for 27 KOs)
·Ingemar Johansson|13.3 (40 rounds for 3 KOs)|10 (40 rounds for 4 KOs)
·Jack Johnson|29 (145 rounds for 5 KOs)|24.1 (145 rounds for 6 KOs)
·James Buster Douglas|10.5 (210.5 rounds for 20 KOs)|10.5 (210.5 rounds for 20 KOs)
·James J Jeffries|20.2 (40.5 rounds for 2 KOs)|20.2 (40.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
·James Smith|11.3 (330.5 rounds for 29 KOs)|11.3 (330.5 rounds for 29 KOs)
·Jess Willard|14.0 (155 rounds for 11 KOs)|12.9 (155 rounds for 12 KOs)
·Jimmy Ellis|10.5 (31.5 rounds for 3 KOs)|10.5 (31.5 rounds for 3 KOs)
·Jimmy Thunder|9.4 (256 rounds for 27 KOs)|9.4 (256 rounds for 27 KOs)
·Joe Frazier|18 (144 rounds for 8 KOs)|18 (144 rounds for 8 KOs)
·Joe Louis|6.3 (50.5 rounds for 8 KOs)|5.6 (50.5 rounds for 9 KOs)
·John L. Sullivan|2.6 (21 rounds for 8 KOs)|2.6 (21 rounds for 8 KOs)
·John Ruiz|10.5 (221.5 rounds for 21 KOs)|10.5 (221.5 rounds for 21 KOs)
·John Tate|9.5 (172 rounds for 18 KOs)|9.5 (172 rounds for 18 KOs)
·Ken Norton|9.3 (224 rounds for 24 KOs)|9.3 (224 rounds for 24 KOs)
·Lamon Brewster|5.5 (160.5 rounds for 29 KOs)|5.5 (160.5 rounds for 29 KOs)
·Larry Holmes|13.0 (494.5 rounds for 38 KOs)|12.6 (494.5 rounds for 39 KOs)
·Lennox Lewis|6.4 (199.5 rounds for 31 KOs)|6.4 (199.5 rounds for 31 KOs)
·Leon Spinks|27 (216 rounds for 8 KOs)|27 (216 rounds for 8 KOs)
·Lionel Butler|6.3 (157.5 rounds for 25 KOs)|6.3 (157.5 rounds for 25 KOs)
·Max Baer|8.0 (145 rounds for 18 KOs)|8.0 (145 rounds for 18 KOs)
·Michael Bentt|9.9 (49.5 rounds for 5 KOs)|9.9 (49.5 rounds for 5 KOs)
·Michael Dokes|10.2 (306 rounds for 30 KOs)|10.2 (306 rounds for 30 KOs)
·Michael Moorer|11.9 (215 rounds for 18 KOs)|11.9 (215 rounds for 18 KOs)
·Michael Spinks|11.7 (23.5 rounds for 2 KOs)|11.7 (23.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
·Mike Tyson|4.7 (184.5 rounds for 39 KOs)|4.7 (184.5 rounds for 39 KOs)
·Mike Weaver|14.5 (306 rounds for 21 KOs)|13.3 (306 rounds for 23 KOs)
·Muhammad Ali|31.2 (344 rounds for 11 KOs)|24.5 (344 rounds for 14 KOs)
·Nikolay Valuev|7.7 (247 rounds for 32 KOs)|7.7 (247 rounds for 32 KOs)
·Oleg Maskaev|8.0 (218 rounds for 27 KOs)|8.0 (218 rounds for 27 KOs)
·Oliver McCall|9.4 (339.5 rounds for 36 KOs)|9.4 (339.5 rounds for 36 KOs)
·Pinklon Thomas|8.8 (230.5 rounds for 26 KOs)|8.8 (230.5 rounds for 26 KOs)
·Primo Carnera|5.7 (322.5 rounds for 56 KOs)|5.6 (322.5 rounds for 57 KOs)
·Ray Mercer|9.1 (220.5 rounds for 24 KOs)|9.1 (220.5 rounds for 24 KOs)
·Riddick Bowe|4.9 (158.5 rounds for 32 KOs)|4.9 (158.5 rounds for 32 KOs)
·Ruslan Chagaev|8.8 (141 rounds for 16 KOs)|8.8 (141 rounds for 16 KOs)
·Samuel Peter|6.0 (163 rounds for 27 KOs)|6.0 (163 rounds for 27 KOs)
·Shannon Briggs|4.2 (181 rounds for 43 KOs)|4.2 (181 rounds for 43 KOs)
·Siarhei Liakhovich|9.9 (148.5 rounds for 15 KOs)|9.9 (148.5 rounds for 15 KOs)
·Sonny Liston|5.2 (111 rounds for 21 KOs)|5.2 (111 rounds for 21 KOs)
·Sultan Ibragimov|6.4 (109.5 rounds for 17 KOs)|6.4 (109.5 rounds for 17 KOs)
·Tim Witherspoon|11.6 (397 rounds for 34 KOs)|11.6 (397 rounds for 34 KOs)
·Tommy Morrison|3.8 (143.5 rounds for 37 KOs)|3.8 (143.5 rounds for 37 KOs)
·Tony LaRosa|45.2 (90.5 rounds for 2 KOs)|45.2 (90.5 rounds for 2 KOs)
·Tony Tubbs|14.3 (301.5 rounds for 21 KOs)|14.3 (301.5 rounds for 21 KOs)
·Tony Tucker|6.2 (276 rounds for 44 KOs)|6.2 (276 rounds for 44 KOs)
·Trevor Berbick|15.1 (394 rounds for 26 KOs)|15.1 (394 rounds for 26 KOs)
·Vitali Klitschko|5 (190 rounds for 38 KOs)|5 (190 rounds for 38 KOs)
·Wladimir Klitschko|4.8 (238.5 rounds for 49 KOs)|4.8 (238.5 rounds for 49 KOs)
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Boxing eras (#4) Golden Age of Heavyweight -OR- Is the Klitschko era the first heavyweight era in history?, 3.8 out of 5 based on 28 ratings
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  • Marv says:
    [ip2username: Lei Ruka]
    #295 Marv (2011-05-19th)

    You have an impressive science here. I myself would touch on the flip side of Ali/weak punch theory with fighters who mastered extra power through will, practice, determination, etc. – albeit it would be harder to do then determine those who were light hitters. Also, I believe the 'on any given day' – ergo, While Listen may have taken a dive, I believe Ali did knock him down but I also believe Ali knew he did not hit him that hard hence the picture of Ali telling Sonny "get up". I could be wrong but that's my take. Also the ratio of larger men in this world has increased although a 300 pound expert boxer in the next 100 years is possible but slim,IMO. Also, like many things(the five min. mile becomes the four min. mile)The larger fighter is coupled with the increase in skill level evolution. In my prime,age 22, I had already invested years in the 'use your whole body to punch', hit the heavy bag over a million times,wt.186-192 lbs.,Ht.6'1". I know I hit harder than most elite 210lbs and Ali, conservatively,middle wt. speed. Discovered 4 min. rounds. Got punched in the face alot so chin was solid. Pushed myself extra hard in the 1980's – I'd get an a- by today's standards. Footwork and timing was outstanding hence the extra hard hitting. Now I'm a mess but thank you for making me relive it.

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    • Admin says:
      [ip2username: Suva Mywo]
      #297 Admin (2011-05-19th)

      Can I ask you why you don't pass the spam filter? You are always marked as spam and I have to manually unspam you.

      Do you use an usual method of commenting?

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    • Marv says:
      [ip2username: Lei Ruka]
      #301 Marv (2011-05-20th)

      I am sorry about the spam mystery. I recently started getting microsoft tip offs that basically say someone may control my pc and it mentioned ip issues. For the record I am Marv and writing comment did me a favor – Lei Ruka is someone or something messing with me, I've never seen that name till just now so printing my response has given me a lead. Lately, my facebook mail goes strait to my trash folder!!! If I am causing you a threat please tell me and I won't comment till I get my computer strait. I'm not that pc smart so it could take me a while. Thank you for responding, Marv. P.S. I just found your site and decided to comment, then hit submit.

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      • Admin says:
        [ip2username: Suva Mywo]
        #304 Admin (2011-05-20th)

        You don't cause any threat, but I have to manually approve your comments. Lei Ruka is your username based on your IP.

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  • Mr. Objective says:
    [ip2username: Neni Kusa]
    #3710 Mr. Objective (2012-01-16th)

    HUGE RESPECT TO THE AUTHOR. It's the most interesting and REAL Boxing blog. I love FACTS because nobody can twist the REAL FACTS. A lot of labour the author put in this blog. Much appreciated. Personally I agree with your every point about eras, boxers and so on. GREAT BOXING BLOG. Without a doubt this site is UNIQUE. Thanks for such a fantastic job. Will be reading on regular basis

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    • Tommo says:
      [ip2username: Puga Lyxo]
      #5648 Tommo (2013-03-25th)

      Yeah you just can't find objective HW information anywhere else really, only occasionally. Sad that HW boxing has been so thoroughly locked down in the past in that way. This site should be endorsed and financed really.

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  • Subodh says:
    [ip2username: Voe Nidu]
    #6855 Subodh (2013-12-27th)

    This is the most comprehensive and impressive analysis of heavyweight boxing I have seen so far. I am sure the author must have spent perhaps days for analysing such details.

    I totally agreed with the statistics that Klitschko vs Ali would have actually turned out to be in total mismatch in favour of Klitschko however still believe that Vitali would have outperform any boxer including his younger brother and Lewis if only Lewis doesn't do wrestling (holding, pushing or lean on other boxers to make them tired) in boxing. Even if somebody watch Mike Tyson vs Lewis all one can see Lewis holding and leaning on tyson which doesn't really seems boxing.

    Perhaps I would rate Vitali Klitschko as the best boxer of all time in addition to Mike Tyson. Anyway coming back to main point the analysis was really great and thank you very much for this great article.

    Subodh Gupta

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  • A Nemaric says:
    [ip2username: Meni Tula]
    #7094 A Nemaric (2014-04-13th)

    Interesting point about the lack of power in Ali's punch. The question arises; what is a good strong punch. Ali certainly seemed to have a great punch when he decked Foreman. My understanding is that a good punch is one which travels fast, and is accelerating prior to hitting the target. Also the thrower has to have a good strong follow through, with weight behind it, and push.

    Fighters throw punches, but how many really are knock out punches. It is like asking the great shot putters to put the shot the same personal best distance every time. It just doesn't happen. In fact shot putters like boxers just dream of throwing the occasional good punch/put. They throw a lot, knowing that sooner or later they will throw a good one. The next problem with boxers is ensuring that the really good punch, also has to strike an opponent's head.

    Finally,boxing is not just about monstrous punches. It is a science. Snooker or pool is NOT a potting competition. Football is not about kicking a football.etc. All these sports are about strategy, tactics, cunning, and intelligence. Any man who got into the ring against George Foreman, (and possibly Mike Tyson) would have to figure the following. "How can I lick this guy,and wear him down, and clobber him, and avoid his fist. Heck, I know! I'll outsmart him."
    That's how its done.

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    • Mark says:
      [ip2username: Myvo Wesi]
      #7455 Mark (2014-07-27th)

      Has your precious Russian faced a man much larger and stronger than himself with good boxing skills and prevailed? You lost all credibility with the Ali as a feather-puncher comment. Only someone who has never actually boxed would make such an inane comment. Statistics are a great way of changing reality into selected numbers. Ali also missed years in his prime due to the draft issue. There is no substitute for fighting. As for the current era of boxing there is a reason people lost interest. Heavyweights tend to just bludgeon now. I don't see the skill level increasing over time. Ali redefined boxing with speed and power never seen before. Take a physics lesson. Power is force and speed. A feather at 300 MPH will pass through your skull. There is a reason you don't see giant weightlifters succeed in boxing. Too slow. Have boxers gotten larger over the years just as athletes in all other sports? Yes. Does that change how the subtle mechanics are critical. Knowledge, technique, training, are more important than size. Competition is all relative. Boxing, in it's day, way one of the most popular sports in the world. Participation was high and there was a great deal of competition. MMA has surpassed boxing due to the stagnation of the sport. Klitchko benefits from a lack of participation by athletes choosing more lucrative professions. No one thought Ali would beat Foreman. He was much larger, had good skills, and huge fists. Why did Ali win? I don't see a metric in any of your data that would explain this phenomenon. Try adding boxing IQ. Your number will shift dramatically. Perhaps Max Baer is the greatest of all time because he killed a man. Ali used a lot of jabs, as and open fighter, but he delivered hard blows when it mattered.

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      • Tommo says:
        [ip2username: Xydo Kedi]
        #7633 Tommo (2014-10-25th)

        But Ali did have a pillow punch. His method against Foreman was ridiculously stupid, the eventual victory came from a combination of luck that he didn't die and Foreman's own stupidity. In fact just as much credit has to be given to George for losing this fight as it does Ali for winning it! As for the punch that dropped Foreman it was piss weak and only worked through sheer exhaustion.

        I have seen most of Ali's fights and never once seen Ali ever throw what I would today call a hard punch.

        You could sum up Ali's entire career very accurately with just these few lines…

        Liston was a bum,
        Frazier was a bum,
        Norton was a bum,
        Spinks was a bum,
        Shavers was a bum.

        And sadly, sadly, these are some of his best wins!

        He ducked forever the Foreman rematch because there was no way George would have been dumb enough to lose to him again, and please note Foreman whilst powerful for the time would be a humdrum puncher today and let's also not forget that Foreman did not even learn how to box properly until 20 years later in his 40's!

        And the only other boxer Ali ever fought that as decent enough to hold their own in today's HW era, Larry Holmes, beat the living crap out of useless Ali!

        If you want to see guys like Ali be competitive today, you still can, it's called "amateur boxing".

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        • Honza says:
          [ip2username: Nasy Voke]
          #7782 Honza (2014-12-29th)

          Liston was a bum,
          Frazier was a bum,
          Norton was a bum,
          Spinks was a bum,
          Shavers was a bum.

          Showing absolutely no respect at all to these boxers. Next time try to fight oponent when you are suffering from parkinson.It is true that Larry had beaten sh*t out of Muhammad. But Muhammad was ill.And no George would be hard puncher even today. I believe. It is funny when you have been open minded and objective and you are not at all right now.

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