Everybody knows that Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time

THE FIRST TIME I heard about ·Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius X aka Cassius Clay) was when a boxing expert mentioned on TV:


"There is no doubt: Muhammad Ali would have beaten Mike Tyson."

I was very impressed.

At that time I didn't know Ali. But I knew Mike Tyson (and his spectacular KOs against helpless opponents) and I thought: "Wow! Muhammad Ali must have been the best fighter ever. How unbelievable must he have been!"

Years later I had the opportunity to actually watch Muhammad Ali with my own eyes.

BUT, OH*MY*GOSH! What was that?

What a complete lack of any kind of defense!

What a featherfist ("like a butterfly")!

What a bore! What a stinker ("Dirty Clay"): Strangling and head-down-pushing his opponents (just watch Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier III especially from round#9 on)!

That guy? That guy was considered "The greatest boxer of all time"?

That plodding overweight?

Who only wins because of better stamina (= out-surviving his opponents)?

Who gets hit from pillar to post in nearly EVERY of his fights?

Who eats even the SLOWEST punches because of absent reflexes? Just watch "Prime Ali" 1966 in Muhammad Ali vs George Chuvalo



Clay/Ali's real performance

Don't get me wrong:
Clay/Ali of course has some good moments in his long career (duh!), but glorifying these rare moments ("YouTube Best Of Videos") while overlooking his general performance is simply ignorance.

Anyone who is praising Clay/Ali for his performance

  • has either not seen his complete fights
  • is a victim of childhood delusion ("I watched Muhammad Ali with my father! What a fight!")
  • is a victim of expert indoctrination (similar to me, see above)
  • is a victim circular group dynamics ("Everyone of my friends agrees that there will never be a greater fighter than Ali").
  • is an US-based boxing "expert" who has no other choice than to glorify US boxers or who makes money by keeping "Ali Mythology" alive
  • is some kind of nostalgist ("Nowadays generation doesn't know what good boxing is")
  • or has non-boxing reasons (Muhammad Ali – The most famous racist to ever box -OR- Criticizing Ali is racism)

There is no other way how anybody could find Ali's boxing performances outstanding.

And considering Ali's doubtful oppositionArchie Moore was 45 years old, ·Joe Frazier was blind on his left eye, ·Cleveland Williams had 10 feet of his intestines removed prior to bout etc etc) this "nostalgia fetishism" is even more obvious.



It gets even worse…

But the MAIN reason why I started this site is because of the constant bashing of current heavies by (American) fans and (American) experts. They didn't stop at praising Ali: At the same time they were ridiculing current heavyweight boxers:

A typical Ali talk would go like this:

"Isn't Ali wonderful?"
"Oh, he really is the greatest boxer!"

"No, he really is the greatest athlete who ever lived!"
"True, he can't possibly be overrated!"

"And this footwork…"
"Just magnificent!"

"And his reflexes…"
"I'm still shivering!"

"What a divine human!"
"There won't be anyone like him!"

"Not in our life time!"

"And his poems…"
"He invented rap!"

"And how handsome he is…"
"A divine combination of body and soul!"

"Did you watch Klitschko vs Chris Byrd?"
"Haha, worst heavyweight era ever!"

There was literally no website to step in and break this cycle. Ali was a fantasy bubble filled with glittering candies and the modern heavies were the projection surface for everything considered wrong with boxing.

When modern heavyweights won they "won only because their opponents were bums". When they lost "they lost to bums" thus they were worse than bums.

Clay/Ali's opponents were "the most skilled and dedicated boxers mankind has ever seen"
while Wladimir Klitschko's opponents are "stiff bums without heart who just come to get a paycheck".

"Ali's weigh-ins are more exciting than Klitschko's entire career"

"I've had tougher bowel movements than the Klit's opponents"

(original quotes from boxing forums)

Clay/Ali's era was "The Golden age of Boxing" while the current era is "The worst era", "in a dire state", "stagnating", "free of any talent", "so lacking that it’s difficult to consider it one."

Those who like Clay/Ali are "experts",
those who like Klitschko are "Klitards, who will never know anything about boxing".


The purpose of this site

I have nothing against Clay/Ali. He has one of the best career records (= number of opponents, Win/Loss Ratio etc). But in the end he was a boxer with losses and gift decisions. A boxer who was dominated often (including broken jaws and knockdowns) and barely survived sometimes.

Ali floored
knocked down
by Frazier

Thus I made this site for everyone who is interested in an objective assessment of ·Joe Louis, ·Rocky Marciano, ·Muhammad Ali, ·Larry Holmes, ·Mike Tyson, ·Lennox Lewis, ·Wladimir Klitschko, ·Vitali Klitschko and other famous boxers without any good-old-times delusion.

I am not interested in glorifications of any boxer beyond their actual achievements in the ring. I am not interested in "Fantasy Tyson" (who KOs every opponent within five seconds) or "Fantasy Ali" (who even wins against Superman).

Ali vs Superman
Muhammad Ali

I care only about the real Tyson and real Ali and the real quality of their real opponents.

This site is for those who feel that something is wrong with the bashing of current heavyweight boxers and that something is wrong with the hyper-glorification of past boxers, but who so far had no access to factual counter-arguments.

Let me end my site-introduction-post with a quote of Ali:


I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest

Muhammad Ali

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