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  • My first article explains why I started this site
    Everybody knows that Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time
  • Before me obviously
    • nobody ever did a thorough research of boxers' COMPLETE records that include ALL fights (the better and the worse) and all results (the wins and the losses).
    • most rankings ("Top 100 Heavyweights of all time") were based mainly (or merely) on popularity (= based on "legendary'ness"  and on single signature fights) and
      • thus all such rankings were based on fame
        "#1 Muhammad Ali, #2 Joe Louis, #3 Rocky Marciano"
      • and on showing-off ("I put some unknown fighter into the ranking to show that I know a lot").
    • nobody featured objective comparison tables or even run an analysis of a boxer's actual achievements
    • two boxers were compared by irrelevant features and irrelevant opinions ("Boxer X has a much better footwork than Boxer Y") instead of relevant features ("KO'wins against previously unKO'ed good opponents").

It was a gap that NEEDED to be closed.

Nobody (with a few exceptions) threw in FACTUAL data to show that half of Ali's fights weren't even heavyweight fights. It obviously comes as a shock for some to realize that Muhammad Ali scored only 11 KOs (within 12 rounds in his entire career in real heavyweight fights). It comes as a shock that Ali never won Olympic Gold as a Heavyweight. It comes as a shock that Prime George Foreman's median weight was 217 lbs and thus Foreman would be in the bottom-3 of Vitali Klitschkos lightest opponents.

This site was long overdue.

If you want an objective assessment of this era's and of previous eras' value you have come to the right place.

If you want an arsenal of arguments to defend modern boxers then you, too, have come to the right place.



Articles and pictures

  • The articles and pictures on this site serve the following purposes:
    • to educate (about the history of boxing, comparison of boxing eras etc…)
    • to criticize or to comment (prevailing opinions amongst boxing fans or boxing experts etc…)
    • to expand and alter views on broadly known facts
    • to make known broadly unknown facts
    • to illustrate or clarify subjective observations
    • to visualize objective information (e.g. by plots, statistics or diagrams of boxers' careers)
  • This site is for scholars, researchers and boxing fans interested in objective assessments of boxers and eras. Thus this site may prove beneficial for both the researcher and the public.



Screencaps of my software

I use my own software to analyze and calculate all the figures you see in my blog:

Here is the "All boxers View", where you can see at a glance their career stats and other personal info like birth dates, career dates, fight locations etc.

All boxers view


Here is the "Career view" of a single boxer with all his fights, results and calculated statistics:

Single career view


These are "Career Overlappings":

Overlappings of
Mike Tyson and
Lennox Lewis


This is the statistical filter for a single boxer. In this example (I randomly threw in some statistics) you can display the SumRecords of all opponents if the fight was against non-bums AND a non-world-title fight AND the fight ended in rounds 1-6 AND the opponents were lighter AND defeated before AND southpaws AND the fight ended with a loss.

Statistics filter


I can add any kind of statistic. Additionally I can calculate streaks (= how many of such fights happened in a row) and the frequency of such fights ("1.2 times per year") as seen in this next screencap of a completely useless statistic, that enlightens us that Joe Frazier fought an opponent with the letter "P" in his name every 1488 days. The stat is useless, of course, but shows the capabilities of my software.

Streak and Frequency


Here is an example of a possible output (based on the career of Archie Moore). You can either click the image below or download the impressive but probably useless textfile here.

Archie Moore


Here is the "Ring Mag view":

Yearly Ring Mag




  • A huge thanks to BoxRec.com who helped me to complete the record of a lot of boxers
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