OH, MY GOSH! I would have never expected this blog to become such an undertaking. I work on this site SINCE YEARS already:


  • Programming the Boxing Analysis Software which consists approximately of 20000 lines of code (see screencaps)
  • Inputting the Boxing data (fight data, boxer data)
  • Posting/discussing on forums to learn counter-arguments against my analysis
  • Following closely current developments to gather fans' opinions
  • Writing articles in this blog
  • Programming this blog (e.g. the interactive tables etc)

I would have never expected it to be so labor-consuming. I thought it would be a matter of weeks, but unfortunately that was years ago.

And it looks as if I have enough things to write about for the next years.

What I am trying to say…

Your donations are welcome! I work on this site because I am a fan of boxing and because I want to share the results of my research.

And if you think that this site is useful (whether you agree with my opinions or not) you may consider donating an amount of your choice.


Thank You!



Proposed donation: 1$
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Proposed donation: 10$
Whoa! A week's supply of cold drinks!

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Yeah! A month's supply of coffee!
Proposed donation: 100$
A whole month's supply of fruits!
Proposed donation: XXX$
Donate as much as you like!

And for those who dislike my site:

Donate 100$ so I can buy myself some poison



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