Would Ali's fighting style be merely disgusting today or also ineffective?

CASSIUS CLAY (AKA CASSIUS X AKA MUHAMMAD ALI) IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF HOW FAR DELUSION CAN GO. For AliFans he exemplifies superhuman abilities like "the fastest reflexes of all time", "the best footwoork", "top ring smarts" etc. They  claim that no other heavyweight comes close to his abilities. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply too micro-minded to grasp Clay/Ali's superiority.

They demand that Ali should be the blueprint for how boxing should look like. And they disdain any boxer who doesn't box like him.

I know, Mike Tyson is another boxer who considered by some to be superhuman, but nothing comes close to AliFan(t)s (Ali fantasizers) and their claims.

Well, I am sorry, but I think that Ali is the greatest bubble in boxing history, a bubble filled with "Sweet Science Fiction" and "Muhammad Mythology" ("The tale of Ali Bubble").

Now, his raw P4P record is actually good (Win/Fight ratio, Quality of opposition etc) (at least until you scrutinize his opponents or the circumstances of his wins) and he has some good moments (like every boxer) but why do AliFans have to blow his style and achievements so completely out of proportion? I wouldn't even have started this topic here if it wasn't for the mountains of ridiculous "Ali adore":

His reflexes? Phenomenal!

His footwork? Oh, my god!

His speed? Unsurpassed!

His beauty? Most beautiful boxer ever and "if Panettiere Hayden [girl-friend of Wladimir Klitschko] had the choice between Muhammad Ali or Wlad Bitchko you know very well whom she would choose" (original quote).


Don't fabulate about Ali's attributes!
Watch his fights!
His complete fights!


Ali has none of that and is none of that. Except for a few fights Ali is slow, plodding, an extreme featherfist, has a complete lack of reflexes and his footwork is non-existent:

Why else do you think is his KO'ratio so abysmal if he is such an offensive mastermind? He scored only 5 KOs within 12 rounds in real[?] heavyweight fights in THE ENTIRE 1970ies of which 2 were against bums[?] (33-12 Richard Dunn, 36-16 Coopman).

Why else do you think he gets constantly hit in the face from the first minute to the last with the greatest ease if he's such a defensive wizard? He gets hit with the slowest punches by the slowest boxers. He should have named himself Mo'hammered (haha).

In any modern cruiserweight fights (approximately 50% of Ali's fights are not real heavyweight fights 200×2) and heavyweight fight you see faster action and harder punches than anything Ali has ever delivered.


Ali had just a few assets that are mention-worthy:

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